Bridgeport Fairgrounds

Core Studio IV

Studio Critic: Alan Plattus

Collaboration with John Wan

This scheme proposes a combination of new mixed use structures, event urbanism, and water resilience as the basis of culturally referential urban intervention in an underused neighborhood of the city—Cedar Creek. Cedar Creek is a forgotten zone that currently separates the Black Rock neighborhood from the South End. We’re proposing a solution for the land to be converted so that it can connect the neighborhoods while solving the flooding issues. Part of our proposals then is to let Cedar Creek breathe by allowing it to return to its natural state as well as using it to attract people, through a series of key event spaces, to the underused spaces surrounding the creek. The key event spaces include a hotel inspired by the Iranistan mansion, a circus berm, and a system of constructed wetlands. Storm water runoff ponds area unified along with the key event spaces under a dazzling colorful landscaping scheme, promising an optimistic new urban heart for the troubled city. 

“The circle—it’s something you could just do. Go there and it doesn’t cost a thing but gives so much. You can almost imagine it’s the love child between Burning Man and Ocean Grove.” Keller Easterling