What Is Yet to Be Already Is

Dima S_Art Dubai 2019-2.jpg

There’s a constant discussion regarding the most authentic and original Dubai. Dubai’s critics have either  attacked the spectacle of the city’s bigness or have attacked the nostalgic fetishization of the old and the in  between. This project flattens time and space to an embrace of complexities, both calling out the aesthetic of  globalization as seen in the infinitely looping highways and dirt roads, and the tactile nature of that ground in  its moment of both past and future.  

The project explores the absence of a sense of time and space in the city of Dubai by examining the idea of  the unfinished. This question of the unfinished denies the common statement “the blank canvas” describing  Dubai by bringing out the infinite looping and meandering experienced in the city’s infrastructure and  landscape. The seemingly sterile, efficient, and mechanical highways, flyovers, and spectacle architectures  under construction are excavated in this series to reveal the moments of tactility, inefficiency, and the  experiential facets of that space.   

The sculptural aspect of this collection marks the tactile ground, picking up dust, tar, and shreds of paint.  These markings are then juxtaposed with the formal elements that are reminiscent of the experience of  driving through what seems to be an efficient infrastructure at first glance but is more akin to intertwining  loops that are difficult to navigate, resulting in an inefficient and slow machine. Some of these paths have  only ever been touched by a bulldozer and its operator, and others are never empty of vehicles, constantly  being tracked and marked in an infinite looping movement.  

The dirt road itself can be seen as both an old dusty road as well as a path in progress with future potential.

Curated by Munira Al Sayegh as part of CAD 7.0